"Mark Reviewed" button should work with an action selected in the Projects perspective

The build in “Mark as reviewed” button doesn’t work as I would expect it would. If you have selected a project then it is active and will mark the project as reviewed. But if you have a task selected, the button is inactive and will do nothing. I find this very strange. When I review projects I will often edit the task inside them. Then I want to be able to click the “Mark as reviewed” button to mark the project as reviewed. Instead, I have to click on the project and then click on the button. This seems to me be inefficient and confusing.

(I’d be happy with an Applescript that essentially says: if the currently selected item is a project, mark it as reviewed; if it is a task, find its parent project and then mark that project as reviewed. But I’m incapable of writing one :)

Hi @alehandrof! I’m sorry for the frustration. I completely understand wanting the Mark Reviewed button to work within a project.

If you haven’t already, would you mind emailing this feedback in to our support team? They can make sure it gets categorized correctly so we can follow up.

As an interim measure, does the Mark Reviewed keyboard shortcut – command-shift-R by default – work for you? I’m away from my Mac at the moment, but I think that will affect the current project even if a task within that project is the active selection.

Thanks for the quick response. I just sent an email to your support team. The keyboard shortcut, like the toolbar button, is inactive when you have a task selected.

I think it works for me in the Review perspective. Are you by chance reviewing outside of the review perspective, for example, using the Projects perspective?

Correct. As you point out, it works in the “Review” perspective. But I often review projects in the “Project” perspective, as it’s easier to move tasks between projects with drag-and-drop, etc. There’s no reason I can fathom that this feature doesn’t work the same way in both places.

Hi there, thanks for emailing us about this! I just responded to your email, but thought I’d update this discussion as well, for anyone else who happens through this thread.

Though it is possible to customize the toolbar and add a “Mark Reviewed” button, that button currently doesn’t work when an action is selected in the Projects perspective. We have a request on file to make it work, and I’ve added you to that.

If anyone else would like to ‘cast their vote’ (so to speak), the best way to do that is to email us so we can be sure to capture your thoughts to our request database.


Thank you.

As I wrote in another post: