Mark Reviewed keyboard shortcut - conflict with Apple Air Drop window shortcut?

Hello OmniFocus Community,

(My apologies if this is under another topic, but I cannot seem to find a thread with a similar scenario.)

I recently had to reinstall OF on a new MacBook Pro (13", 2019).

Working my way through OF, I found that the keyboard shortcut to mark items as reviewed in the Review perspective does not appear to work. (I get the Mac error sound.)

Researching the keyboard combination 'Cmd-Shift-R, I’ve discovered that this shortcut is meant to call up the AirDrop window. (This does not seem to be working either, but that’s not my main query!)

I’ve looked through the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts to see if I can modify this shortcut or reassign it somehow, but to no avail.

This shortcut worked on my previous computer (for both functions - inside the OF app it would ‘mark reviewed’, outside the app it would call up the AirDrop window).

Does anyone have any advice or know of where I can either change this within Apple System Preferences or within the OmniFocus app itself?
Thanks in advance for your repy!

Update: a simple restart fixed this issue. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Not sure why there was a conflict to start, but I’ll leave this here just in case.

Thanks and sorry for wasting time… especially my own. 🙃

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