Markdown Support in Notes - Useful or Not?

As a dev, this would be extremely useful. When even the Discourse field here has MD support, I’m starting to miss it. ;) Even just being able to quicklook (through something like this) and open .md files (in Atom in my case) would be a godsend.

I agree with the usefulness of MarkDown. Unlike normal Cocoa-flavored RTF or whatever, it is readable in ascii and makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t look pretty, but it maintains the semantic meaning of the markup even when it is rendered as straight ASCII. If you strip formatting from RTF, the meanings of things change drastically such as bullets, headings, quotes, etc.

###MD support for OmniFocus notes could be life changing.

Concept of operations fits in a simple ternary statement…
Text area has focus ? enable MD syntax and editing : render the a preview version.

This simplistic design would fit seamlessly into the OmniFocus system and the underlying development is obviously there as the system currently supports the pasting of RTF & HTML.

Your move OmniGroup…

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Well probably not really life changing…

Anyway I would say not and I use markdown all the time. I tend to think notes are not really the place to keep anything substantial so plain text does well enough for me and its easy to link to external content (which is where I believe any substantive should be anyway).

My cents: I heavily use OF to write and store notes, frequently each such note takes several KBs.

I’m heavy user of manual plaintext headings, bullets and indentations–my preference to them is, among other reasons, that they are easily copied to emails and Google Docs (both I which I use a lot).

I’ll all welcome auto-showing heading lines as bold (I start heading lines with ===, more = for subheaders) and helping me to indent/outdent selected piece of (sub)-bulleted lists.

But wouldn’t be too happy if I have to deal with “source code” vs “rendered document” duality.

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+1 Adding my support for Markdown

Absolutely, this would be very useful, with markdown visible when editing, and formatted markdown when viewing

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I would find markdown support very useful.

  1. Since the notes section is not the place to keep significant notes it would be helpful to make the links to other notes apps more cosmetically appealing. I link to Tinderbox, Day One and, all of which leave ugly links at the moment. Cleaning up these links reduces the visual clutter and makes for a better UI.

  2. Using markdown would allow for simple formatting when required.

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