Marking a repeating event complete

I’m still a little hazy on how repeating events work.
If I have a (let’s say monthly) repeating event for some repeating chore, and this month I check it off…
does it come back next month?
That’s what I want it to do, but I’m afraid to click the circle for fear it won’t come back next month!
Should I defer the project for a month instead of marking it complete?
Thanks for any insights.

Yes, it will come back. As soon as you click on it a new task will be setup with the new due date. Best thing to do is just set up a fake project and task and try it out to get a feel for it.

I personally keep all of these tasks in categorized in a set of single action lists with the dates and repeats tied to each task. Each project is titled by the types of tasks it contains, computer maintenance, home maintenance, etc. There are others who make the whole project repeat, search for Asian Efficiency morning ritual for a look at that method.

Yes, it will.

I imagine when you check off your tasks you are in a context-based view (perspective), if so, before you check it off, I suggest you do the following, just to make sure:

  • Click on the task (do not check it off just yet)
  • Select View > Show in Projects from the Omnifocus menu (or simply hit ⌥⌘R)
  • Make sure all Remaining items are shown (click the Eye icon in the toolbar, or hit ⇧⌘V)
  • Check the task OFF now — and watch the new task automagically appear in front of you :D
  • If you want, click on the new task and check its properties using the inspector (new deferred date, etc.)

Hope this helps ;-)


VERY helpful, ediventurin. Thank you!