Marking tasks complete in Inspector doesn't work reliably

Hi! I’ve reported this bug to Omni, but I’m wondering whether anyone else has seen it. In OmniFocus 4.2.1 on for Mac (running Ventura), marking tasks completed in the Inspector by entering the completion date does not work. It will mark the task completed until I tab twice (which moves the focus to the Notes field in the Inspector), at which point the completion date disappears from the Inspector and the task is no longer marked complete in the outline.

I just discovered that hitting Command-Z or choosing Edit > Undo will restore the completion date and re-mark the task as completed in the inspector, so there’s something about tabbing forward that clears the completion date. The thing is, I often like to enter a note about the task after completing it, so my preferred workflow is to use tab.

I only use the Inspector to mark a task complete if I need an accurate record of when it was completed and I forgot to check it off at the time, so this doesn’t occur very often, but I still find it annoying.