Masking one object with another

Good evening,

I’ve drawn up a logo in OmniGraffle inside a square and now I’d like to overlay a circle that is centered on the square and hide all elements of the logo that lie outside the circle. Is there a way that I can mask the square with a circle and achieve this effect?


Hi Chris,

There are multiple ways to do this, but my favorite way is to select the entire logo, Copy as PNG (if appropriate) from the Context Menu, then paste. Now, on the pasted image, change the Shape to a Circle, and in the Image Inspector, choose Mask Image to adjust exactly how you want. You can control the mask on the entire shape that way. Keep the original shape because you can then use LinkBack on the masked image to Edit in OmniGraffle and make changes to the logo. More information on this workflow at and try a few formats until you see which one works best for your content.

If this doesn’t give you the result you are looking for, please choose Contact Omni from your help menu and we’d be glad to suggest some other approaches.


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This is perfect Lanette and so easy to do. Thank you!