Mass-change a deferred date on a subset of project tasks

Is there a convenient way to do a mass-change a deferred date on a subset of tasks in a project?

A context: I have a template for a travel. It includes a bunch of tasks to do a week before travel, another pile of tasks to do when I pack my luggage and some tasks to do right before I leave for the airport.

Those are spread around the project in subtasks with dependencies set between them using parallel/sequential subtask ordering, so it is not possible to lump them together for easier selection/modification.

While I was writing it I came up with some ideas, none of them fully satisfactory:

  1. Put some #selector mark to group the tasks and use a search bar. Works kind of okay, but also selects the parents for the tagged tasks, so one has to deselect them manually.
  2. Set some fictitious deferred time on the tasks to group them, and then sort by time. But I can’t figure out how to create perspective “open this project, tasks sorted by due date”

You can create your own Applescript to change the deferred date on all tasks in your project by a defined increment. Alternatively, search for the “template Applescript” to see postings about an Applescript that might fit your needs. For example …


“Template Applescript” looks to be exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!