Meeting Notes - Actions to IOS

I’m primarily an OF2 for IOS user. I use my iPad a lot to type notes whilst in meetings.

Is anyone using any app or workflow on iPad that can add suitably marked lines into OF as one action?

One option that may be helpful is: highlight a section of text in your note-taking app, select ‘Share…’ from the contextual menu, then select OmniFocus from the share sheet. That triggers a popup for making additional edits to the text, adding notes, and assigning a project and/or context.

A script was developed for the Drafts app that can do this. You type your notes in Drafts and anything you want to be a task in OF just needs to be preceded with an ‘@’.

So you need the Drafts app if you don’t already have it.


Actually, the copy/paste is a good way: that will convert automatically all the list in the App Notes into different actions in OF. If there are any checked items, OF will checked them as done too.

I take my notes in Evernote and use Taskclone to automatically convert every line marked with a check box into OF tasks. The OF notes field includes a link back to the source Evernote for context.