Memory Leak? v7.2.1

I just installed yesterday, over top version 6 (and probably others behind it) and I am getting massive memory leaks as I use OG7. My machine eventually runs out of physical and virtual memory (16GBs phys) and asks me to kill other applications. I ran Xcode’s Leaks program and just clicking on the canvas spews 512byte malloced leaks. It says the “responsible library” is CoreGraphics and the “responsible frame” is shape_accum_shape.

Anyone else getting this? I’m going to move to the side and try a reinstall I guess? I’ve already rebooted my machine.

EDIT: Just deleted and reinstalled the app. Same memory leak.

Sorry for the trouble! Does the leak seem to be happening while working with particular files, or imports and exports? We have a known bug related to Visio stencils, and this may be related.

I use stencils constantly, so that might be a problem. My stencils also use a lot of user data and I use scripts on them. However, the leak seems to occur when items are selected. I’ll see if selecting a stencil item makes more of an impact. Basically, selecting an item may take up to 20 megs of memory… or not. It doesn’t always, but usually. I’m responding to another of your employees (April) as well as I contacted you all via email.

I have the same problem with version 7.2.2.
I have to work with quite big files and since I am using OmniGraffle 7 I noticed it is a hell lot slower than 6.
Then I checked memory usage and it stated 32gb in the activity monitor.
I restarted it and now after only 10 minutes I’m at 11gb.

Don’t know what to do because its not usable at this point. I have seconds delay when trying to move the workspace around.

Glad I’m not the only one. I worked with their tech support for multiple back and forths. Could never figure it out. I think it was related to a specific file since it tended to go away over time. They are pretty good about responding and fixing things (i’ve reported things in the past). No luck on this one however.

I just closed OmniGraffle from time to time and restarted. Sorry migko.