Microsoft OneNote integration?

[regarding markdown in notes] I’d like to see back-and-forth integration with OneNote instead. This way I can keep my notes nicely organized in an application exclusively meant for it, while keeping OF focused on what it does best.

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How would this work though? OneNote deals exclusively with Micorosft’s cloud service, OneDrive.

I honestly believe this will never happen. I use Evernote and OmniFocus religiously, but I’m never expecting them to be integrated.

A simple integration would involve linking to a OneNote notebook/page from OF’s project/task note field, and also vice-versa … so that you could go to the associated ON note from any OF project/task, and vice-versa.

My projects often require brainstorming over different solutions, and these things are best kept in ON, while OF is used to record a list of things to do, one after another.

Well, it doesn’t have to be a tight integration, and could be as simple as a menu item “Insert link to an OneNote page” - clicking which it opens the OneNote window activating the selected page.

I guess one could use AppleScript to do this.

Funny, this already exists! In OneNote, go to any page, right click and select “Copy Link to Page” … then paste it on OF, which renders it as a clickable link. Clicking the link takes you directly to the OneNote page (doesn’t open web browser at all). Can this be done the other way? Linking to OF project from ON?


I should take advantage of linking from OF to other apps because I haven’t implemented that into my workflow as of yet.

You can also ‘Copy as Link’ from the Edit menu in OmniFocus. Does OneNote do anything intelligent with those links?


I just tried this. When I pasted it to OneNote, it did not automatically make it a hyperlink, and pasted it as the raw text omnifocus:///task/ed6dLMd8Pxh. Maybe this is a limitation of the Mac version.

  1. Confirm that the link doesn’t paste into OneNote as “Live” - I also tried it in Outline, which is a OneNote editor for OSX (and, IMO, works better overall than OneNote), same issue
  2. It does work in Circus Ponies Notebook (which I prefer to OneNote, personally, but doesn’t cross over to Windows)

You probably know this, but for everyone else: Evernote has a Note > Copy Note Link menu item that one can use to get direct links to Evernote notes.

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I honestly didn’t! I thought there was only a Share Note option. Thank you! :)

I just tried it to make sure it works. It does. With one exception - Right now when I copy a page link from OneNote and paste it into a project in OmniFocus (I’m putting it in the Notes section), I get 2 hyperlinks - one to my desktop version of OneNote and a second one to the web viewer version.

However, when I synced with my iPhone and checked the iOS version, the link was there but it wasn’t a hyperlink. It was the raw text (?) behind the hyperlink