Migrate OmniFocus Database to New Computer Without Sync

I just got a new Mac at work. For security purposes, I cannot use OmniSync, nor do I have access to a webdav server. Is there any way to migrate my OF database from my old computer to my new one by copying files from one computer directly to the other?

There are three options that come to mind:

  1. When I do this sort of thing, I usually use the Mac’s built-in Migration Assistant app which brings my entire account over to the new computer—including my OmniFocus database and preference settings. If you’re planning to bring over everything to your new computer anyway, this is by far the simplest and easiest option.

  2. If you drag the icon in the main OmniFocus window’s titlebar, it will start dragging the database file just as if you’d selected it in Finder. You can place that on your Desktop (using the Option key to make a copy rather than a link) and then transfer the database from there to your other computer.

  3. It’s actually quite easy to set up a temporary WebDAV server on your own Mac: you can download the WebDAVNav Server app from the Mac App Store, open it, pick an empty folder for it to share, and give it a password. (It’s fairly self-explanatory, but we also have a support article which walks through the process.) You can then press a button to start that server with when you need it and stop it when you don’t.

Hope this helps!


Option 2 worked perfectly. Thank you, Ken!