Minutes Rather than Hours Display in OO

I have created a column where I need to enter duration. I want it displayed as minutes. How can I adjust the parameters? Currently, when I enter minutes, they are automatically converted into hours.

Not an answer - but a +1.

I guess the reason the duration counts in hours is that it’s aimed at being a task/project manager. However, my use case for wanting minutes is event/presentation planning. Any chance of being either able to select a smaller unit of time in the inspector, or having OO be ‘smart’ about the unit of time being entered?

At first I thought this was related to the time format. It would have been easier to understand immediately with an example of what was entered and what it was converted to.

I’m not sure if what you want is possible. However, if you add an ‘m’ after your number of minutes (e.g. 30m, or 30 m) then it will replace the ‘m’ with an ‘h’ but will convert to the hourly equivalent of the minutes you entered (e.g. 30m becomes 0.5h). Visually it’s a little awkward but at least it will retain the right values.

Any update on this? It’s a real pain having everything in hours. It makes OO pretty poor for meeting minutes.

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Why not use a Number type instead of Duration? Set the format via the Inspector, and you can still get the benefit of Summary if you want roll-up values.

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Seems like a good workaorund.

However a native minutes support would be good.

Also I have the problem that the minuites of the parent and child tasks dont add up well. How can I avoid complications there. its so hard ot understand the summing up system!