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Hi All.

First time posting here. Love Omnifocus, but having trouble bending a few nitpicky things to my will. Hoping some of you might have some experience here where I don’t. I’ve searched the forums, but I’m still looking for the following:

1. Script for Searching & Copying Specific Tasks

A way to select all items that meet a certain criteria, for instance contain a “Star” or a certain tag. Then copy those items to a new project. For instance, if I were to go through and select the things I want to do this week, then copy them to a new project, and use that project as a “Checklist” for specific days / planning, without messing up the original tasks. Trying to find a work around for scheduling tasks on certain dates.

2. Script for Appending Task Names

A script to Automatically add a specific emoji to the beginning of a selected task’s name

3. Configuration for Multi-item agenda / call lists

Ideally, if I have five things to talk to my mother about, I would rather it only show up in my task lists “Call Mom” and then with a link to the specific agenda perspective. For those of you who used IQtell, you may remember being able to “link” tasks to other projects. That is something Omnifocus is sorely missing, and it would help alleviate some of the clutter, as I could then just link all these to that specific task. Anyone have a work around this?

Something I’ve tried to do in the past was Create a Single Action Project List named “Call Mom” and tag it with a held perspective and an active perspective for “Call Mom”, then tag agenda items as “Call Mom / Held” and set perspective options to pull items that meet "All: Has a held tag ; Has an active tag ; is tagged with: " and that worked, but it creates a cumbersome amount of tags.

Another option might be a script to check Agenda Items that have multiple actions for it, then create a project has a running list of all the people you need to talk to, which would link to their agenda tag. I’m at a loss.

  1. Urgent / Important Auto Tagging

Trying to figure out how I can script to run through omnifocus and copy all flagged / due items into a new project, and apply to following tags to them - for Due Items, add tag “Urgent”, for Flagged Items add tag “Important”, for Due & Flagged, add tag “Urgent / Due”. Then view the selected in a custom perspective titled “Priority Matrix”


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