Missing basic repeat 'defer other' functionality

Hi there,

I am trying to do something very basic.

I want to create a repeating task for brushing my teeth every night before I go to sleep, that’s something more people do right? I also don’t want due date clutter in my forecast, still pretty basic stuff right?

  • I make a task called ‘Brush teeth’
  • Repeat it with ‘defer another’ for 1 day

Let’s say it’s 14/11 When I go to bed before 00:00 AM, and I check the task off, the task creates a new task for me on 15/11 at 06:00 AM (that’s my default time for defer dates). Marvelous!


When I go to bed after 00:00 AM (so technically on 15/11), and check the task off, the task creates a new task for me on 16/11. So I guess I don’t have to brush my teeth tomorrow, my dentist would not approve. My girlfriend wouldn’t either.

Am I missing something? How can I set it up, so I that can happily brush my teeth every day, regardless if I go to bed before or after midnight?

If there is no such option yet, I would propose this very simple one: repeat ‘defer another’ for a specific time. That way I can check it off during any point in the day, and have it come back the next one at 06:00 AM. I’m sure more people would like this feature, if you are one of those people, please let yourself be heard in this topic. Thanks!

Defer another will create the new task based on the time you complete it. Normal behaviour.
Try setting it with Repeat Regularly, instead of Defer. That should do it.

p.s.: Hope you don’t need OF to remind you to brush your teeth ;-P