Missing EditorColumnPosition enum makes addColumn unusable?

Am I right in thinking that


(for which the API docs contain no details) has failed to compile into the macOS 5.7.1 (v202.6.0) build ?

(leaving outline.addColumn unusable ?)

(I may be missing something)

and the OO macOS 5.7.1 (v202.6.0) API also shows symptoms of possible build fail (in addition to EditorColumnPosition), in:

  • EnumerationMemberPosition

  • Image

  • ItemPosition

  • NamedStylePosition

  • Text.Position

I’m checking in with team to get an answer about the lack of detail on those items in the API, but I can go ahead and share that addColumn() is functional as-is. Here is an example:

let editor = document.editors[0]

Instead of using null in afterColumn you can provide an existing column in the document like outlineColumn (the topic column) or columns[x].

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Many thanks @valyria, that’s very helpful.

and I see under Tree.Editor that we have both:

  • afterColumn (as in your example), and
  • beforeColumn too.

Any progress on that ?

The build still seems to be missing compilation of the EditorColumnPosition enum – there’s a constructor for it, but still no populated enumeration.

(OO 5.8.2)

(The workaround you identified requires identifying an existing anchor column, whereas we should, I think, be able to simply specify the start or end of the column array directly)

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