Missing Perspective Icons on iPhone

I am testing the OmniFocus 2.1 betas on my Mac, and running the latest App Store version of OmniFocus for the iPhone. My perspectives themselves are still syncing fine. However, their custom icons are all missing. I checked on the Mac, and the icons are still there. Is this a bug in the Mac version or the iPhone? I suspect the former, but I suppose it could be either!

(There are duplicates because I had some set up as Project Based and some are Context Based, so that I could see them on the iPhone.)

I worked around this by using the emoji keyboard on omnifocus 2 for iPad with the pro upgrade to add icons to my perspective names. The iPhone app doesn’t allow you to create and edit perspectives. You need the pro upgrade to have the ability to create perspectives on the iPad.

You can also create the emoji on your Mac if you have OmniFocus 2 pro for Mac. You need to go to systems preferences to show the keyboard menu icon. This will give you access to emoji.

Here is a sample

🏠 Home
🚗 Errands
🏫 Work

That is a really cool idea! However, I am more concerned that the icons themselves don’t appear to be syncing than I am about having icons show up on the home screen.

I don’t think we’ll see perspective icons until the Universal app comes… Crossing my fingers.

Your icons will still be stored in the cloud. It just won’t show in the current iPhone app.

I appreciate your thoughts, but as recently as a week or two ago the custom icons used to show up on the “Perspectives” screen shown above. They just mysteriously disappeared.

I have no problem with perspective icons on my iPhone. So there is definitely something strange going on in your case. Not the intended behavior.

Are you running the 2.1 beta on your Mac? That might be where the bug lies.

Just had same issue on my iPad. Weird. It prompted me during sync about conflicts between remote and local DB*, and I’ve chosen to keep device DB, as I had just edited a bunch of tasks. After that, icons gone!
There is no way a conflict could have occured, as since this morning, I was only using the iPad app, not other.

Deleting the app on iPad, then reinstalling it did the job. Obviously, had to re-enable and re-sort all perspectives :-S