Missing Prerequisites After MS Project Import

I have noticed some odd behavior when importing project info from MS Project into OmniPlan for Mac. OmniPlan fails to list all of the prerequisites (or predecessors in MS Project Speak) once imported.

I can open the MS Project file and verify they are listed. When reviewing the same tasks in the newly imported OmniPlan version, some prerequisites are found to be missing. The start dates for the tasks impacted are maintained, but the prerequisite ties are gone making future changes to the schedule inaccurate.

This is a deal-breaker for me in using Omniplan. Is this a known issue or are there potential explanations for why this might be the case?

@mcescher Sorry for the trouble! We’ve recently discovered a bug in OmniPlan’s MPP import tool that sounds similar to the behavior you’re encountering. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet sorted out exactly why this occurs with some task dependencies and not others, but we’re looking into fixing the issue!

If you’d like to email in a sample file that illustrates the issue you’re encountering, it might help our team find the underlying bug. Our Support team would be happy to pass your file along to the appropriate folks - they can reached by email at omniplan@omnigroup.com. If this bug does break your immediate use for OmniPlan, they can also put you in touch with the appropriate folks to request a refund of your purchase.