Missing Ruler in OO4?

I’m a professional speaker, and I use OmniOutliner as my main writing tool. I have more than 2000 outlines, many of which are in the range of 15-20 pages long.

I have always used the ruler to set up my documents to the correct size (for printing), and now there is no ruler in OO4?

Since I had everything working just fine, I’ve stayed with OO3 as long as I could. But now I’ve been forced to update because of Sierra. I just do not understand this trend in Mac software to REMOVE basic features from apps. Given the amount of time I’ve waited to update, I would think that this feature would be implemented if it were going to be. So, what’s up with dumbing down OO, and then calling it an “upgrade”?

Maybe step back and see if there’s a different way to get what you want? Was there any reason you were using the ruler other than to set up documents to be the correct size? It looks like there are a number of options in the print dialog; have you checked them out?

I used oo4 this week, and generally, it went well. However, when it came time to print, beginning on page 8 of my outline, it would put the first two lines on top of one another. It did this on about 4 other pages. Fortunately, I still have oo3 on a machine with El Capitan, and documents are apparently interchangeable between oo3 & oo4. So, I was able to print a clean copy using oo3.

This is almost certainly a bug. I’ll try working with oo’s tech support next week. If we can fix the bug, there would be a way to do what I need without a ruler. If I can’t, then I’ll have to live with both oo3 and oo4 on an El Cap machine — a temporary solution at best.

Very frustrating that Mac software no longer “just works.”

Mac software is a big ecosystem. Allow me to quite Daniel Day Lewis, playing someone, who said, I think, “There may be bugs.”