Modernizing OmniWeb

I suppose a better title might be, “The OmniWeb Wish List”. I really enjoy OmniWeb, have for many years, but when it went free it started to fall behind. I realize that it’s a business decision for the Omni Group, but, like I said, this is a wish list.

  • Full screen support
  • Replace the tab drawer with an inspector like panel (Like OmniFocus 2)
  • Double-tap to zoom text (Like Safari)
  • A single bar to search and enter URLs
  • Extension support (1Password, Evernote, DEVONthink, etc…)
  • Start charging again, you’ve got loyal customers.

This, along with a few fixes like fixing bookmark sync and tweaking some of the UI inconsistencies. I know that everyone has their own thoughts for what they’d like to see. I’ve been encouraged to see a lot of activity and recent builds in the beta, maybe we can keep it going and bring OmniWeb back to the front page.


Well guys, looks like 1 and 2 are good to go 👍. It’d still be great to see 3-6. There’s still nothing quite like OmniWeb’s Workspaces. ❤️

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