Mojave "Dark mode" display bug?

I am using OS X Mojave 10.14.3 and Omni Outliner 5.4.1 (v194.5 r321924).

When OS X switches to Dark Mode in the evening, while the rest of OO’s interface looks OK, it seems that the “Sections” area of the side bar goes to an unreadable white-text-on-white-background configuration. This problem does not affect the “Styles” area when that is selected instead.

Please see the attached screen capture for comparison. Is this a bug or am I missing a configuration setting somewhere?

(I would post a 2nd screenshow showing the correctly-visible “Styles” area in the same document but the forum only allows “new users” (?? my Omnigroup forums account is years old and has multiple posts) to post one attachment per topic.)

This is definitely a bug. From the look of your toolbar, I believe you have some accessibly display settings on. Could you please let me know which ones, those might have something to do with triggering this.

Also, does it display correctly after selecting the sections in the sidebar?


Looks like Accessibility -> Display -> Increase Contrast is turned on. Happens to me too. Appears limited to the Sections pane of the sidebar, as Styles looks ok.

Is this happening for you without any accessibility settings on? And does it happen when you manually switch to dark mode? We’re aware of an issue with selected sections appearing all white when it has focus, but we haven’t seen the whole section list look like the above screen shot. Does it stay all white or is it a temporary display issue?

I have to turn on Increase Contrast and Dark Mode. I was just testing it – I wasn’t using those settings in day to day use. If then turn OFF Dark Mode, it still looked funky, but I could get it back to normal by clicking into each section. However, with Dark Mode on, it’s not temporary. When I click into a section I can see the text which is white with blue background (blue being my system highlight preference). When I click to another section the former section becomes white again. As far as I can tell getting out of Dark Mode is the only way to fix it. [Edit: to be clear my screenshot is just of the sidebar; the outline content looks fine]

Ah, weird, I must not have been trying everything at the same time. We’ll get this fixed. Thanks to both of you for bringing this to our attention!

According to the documentation I can only enable dark mode like this

" There are two ways to enable dark mode in your document.

  • Select a theme with a dark document background color.
  • Use the Paragraph Inspector to set a dark document background color.To do this, first select the Whole Document style in the Styles Sidebar tab. Then click the background color picker in the Paragraph Inspector, and drag the color value slider to the right. At a certain point (as determined by the darkness of the color value), the OmniOutliner window will switch from light to dark.This point will be slightly different depending on the darkness of the original background color. Experiment to find a color scheme you like! (And if you do, you can save it as a template for future use.)"

Is it not possible that Omnioutlienr switches automatically to Dark Mode just like Omnifocus? Its so burdensome for me to make an extra setting in OmniOutliner when I switch to dark mode…

OmniOutliner does not change document styles when the OS theme changes because there’s no way to convert colors and be guaranteed to get a desired result. There are also complications like what styles are desired when say printing, exporting, or copying. There are certainly cases where no custom formatting is used so a template with separate light and dark themes configured that auto switches is reasonable and is something we’ve thought about how it could be implemented.

Hi Thank you for your reply. I would highly appreciate a simple automatic dark mode just like it is the case with Omnifocus. I dont do much formatting or colours in OO, so a basic automatic dark mode would be fine for me. I hope it can bei realized, because otherwise I have to change OOs Setting 2 times a day (morning and evening)…