Month Forecast View in iPad iOS

Now that I have the new larger iPad, I’m wonder if there is a way to see the month view in Forecast like it appears on the Mac? If not does anyone know if this feature has been request for in the past?

The month view isn’t currently supported on iOS. I agree it would be a nice option to have…and encourage you to send this request to the Omni Group at

p.s. I hope you’re enjoying your new iPad. I picked up a 12.9" on Friday and am marvelling at the speed and large screen.

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Yeah, I love it. I use it instead of a laptop now a days. iMac at office, iPad on the road.

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I just sent a request to them for the same feature. I have switched exclusively to the iPad Pro now and would find a full month view very useful too. New iPad Pro is great with Omnifocus.


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