Monthly repeating project and due dates on sub tasks

Is it possible to set a project to repeat every month, on the Monday of the second week? I’m still baffled by repeating projects.

And related, is there also way to give a project a due date but not have it filter down into the sub tasks. I’m trying to build a checklist of items I need to do to prep for a meeting, but I only need the top level task to become due, I don’t want to see all the sub tasks also become due or overdue.

I had a brief period over the summer where I switched to Things and I really miss the checklist feature.


Yep, that sort of repeat is possible. Here’s a screenshot of the settings:

There’s no way to prevent due date inheritance that I’m aware of. I usually workaround by putting the project due date on just the last task instead, though I know that’s not ideal.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much! That’s just what I was looking for.

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