More complex repeat/defer until patterns?

Hello, I was hoping when I upgraded to OF 2 that we would have more options for repeats, for example:

  • last weekday of the month
  • first Wednesday of the month

It seems like this should not be an undoable thing - BusyCal has had this capability for years. Possible to add it?



I think you’d better send them an email with your request.
Help > Contact Omni in the app itself is the bed way to go ;)

It’s my understanding that they are maintaining feature parity with OF 1 for a period because not everyone will be moving to OF 2 across all platforms (e.g. OF2 for iPad hasn’t even been released yet, and won’t be until iOS8 is out which is some time away) and this may be why this feature hasn’t made the cut at present, if it is to be added at all.


These are still on the wish list, but yes, the current plan for them requires that we release OmniFocus 2 for iPad first.


I did that 2-3 years ago, didn’t get us very far…

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We’ve already added support to the underlying model code to support more options for repeats, but we need to support those options in the interface before they become useful to anyone.

But updating the interface to support those options on one platform without updating the other platforms to match would lead to a confusing experience, so we really want to update that interface on all platforms at the same time. To do that, we need to get all platforms updated to version 2—which is why we’re currently focused on shipping OmniFocus 2 for iPad.

Thanks for your patience!


As long as I know it’s coming, I think I can hang in there for a bit longer. :-)

Thanks for the response.

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Is there a way I can defer an action to something like “The first Saturday of the month”?

Adding this feature is something we’re working towards, @rogbar, but it’s not currently possible.

This is one of those things that filled up many forum post in OF1 and has been a long wish for many users. Something like what google calendars does. So glad they at least added the days of the week in the last little stretch in OF1. I still keep coming back to OF1 since still nearly 2 years later important features like sorting by column and changing widths and a floating inspector are still missing from OF2.

Hopefully if this does get implemented in OF2 it will not mess up OF1 database. Thankfully OF1 still works in El Capitan. I do look forward to this being an option one day. A long time user of OF.