More powerful Perspectives

I need a more tweakable “Today” Perspective option which allows:

Show if All are true:

  • Task is Remaining
  • Start or Due date Date is defined

I have tasks with no start or due dates and I dont want these showing in my Today Perspective (these are my ‘someday’ tasks). And no, I can’t just assign someday as a Context, because those tasks already have different contexts.

Could this be possible?

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We definitely want to provide more powerful Perspective options in the future—but not for 2.0, since we want to maintain sync-compatibility with OmniFocus 1 until we’ve shipped OmniFocus 2 on all platforms.

That said, have you tried using Forecast for this view? Click on today’s date, and set the “Show deferred items” checkbox in Forecast’s View Options. (While your in View Options, feel free to hide or show whichever calendars you actually want to see in this view.)

Does that help?

My version of a Today perspective is to show all available tasks that are flagged or due - I then plan ahead by using the start date without flag for tasks that simply cannot be done earlier, and start date plus flag for those which are scheduled for this very day. As soon as that day comes, the scheduled task becomes available and shows up on my Today perspective (as it is flagged). Works quite well.