More useful calendar view: show calendar items inline with tasks

Once I’ve decided to do tasks on a particular day, I often want to get them done before/after specific calendar events (e.g., write report before meeting at 1pm). Omnifocus currently allows calendar items to be shown underneath tasks in the Forecast view, but I wonder whether other people agree that showing the calendar items inline based on due dates, as in the screenshot below, would be a better way of visualising what needs to be done by what time in the day:

(Obviously the idea is that the time due would affect the relative position of the tasks, but I couldn’t be bothered to do this for the mock-up.)

Thoughts? This seems more useful to me than having the calendar events tacked on at the bottom.


I would also like to see this. I tend to create actions that are reminders for specific calendar events (usually meetings). It would be nice to get a quick view of all of my actions tied to a specific calendar event.

This is great, but…feature (and support) requests are only considered by @SupportHumans if submitted via email — the more people who writes, the more importance it gets.
Suggest you write them an email ;-)

You can find all you need inside the app:

  • HelpContact Omni on macOS
  • SettingsContact Omni on iOS

I couldn’t imagine trying to schedule everything. The only tasks I schedule are big tasks that take 30 minutes or more to accomplish. For smaller tasks, I’ll just block out a 30 minute to 90 minute block and try to batch process shorter tasks. It might be a group of admin tasks. It might be tasks that belong to a context (all computer work, all yard work). Or it might be just trying to work as much as I can on a single Big Rock Project.

Trying to schedule anything smaller than 30 minutes is just a futile exercise. But I am interested in seeing how this scheduling tasks idea will turn out.

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