Move finished tasks to bottom?

Hi, cmd+shift+v brings up the finished items but displays them according to original creation date, which visually interferes with the non-finished ones. Isn’t there a way to move the finished ones to the bottom of a list, so i can still consult them but without them having interfere with the active ones ?

Cmd + Shift + V shows the options of the chosen perspective. Most users would simply create a corresponding perspective that only shows the completed tasks or shows all tasks grouped by completed-date.
Look here:

Create a own perspektive like this:

Translate “Verfügbarkeit: Abgeschlossen” as “Availability: Completed”

You can then assign a keyboard shortcut to the new perspective (f.e. cmd + 5)

A good knowledge of the perspectives and their possibilities / functions make it much easier to implement your own concept of task planning. I realized the possibilities of Omnifocus after I internalized how perspectives work.

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