Move OmniOutliner Files to Dropbox?


I know this was answered in the past, but I’m curious if there have been changes that now make it possible to store Outliner files in Dropbox. I’m asking because, with the new iOS interface on my iPad, I’d find it easier to finally drop my reliance on OmniPresence and move my Outliner files over to Dropbox or iCloud. Is it now possible put Outliner files in Dropbox? Or is iCloud Drive going to be my best bet?


Can’t imagine that working very well… what problem are you trying to solve?


Well, I’m trying to move away from using OmniPresence! I use Dropbox for most files, but also have to use iCloud Drive for some other apps (Bookends, Mindnode). With the implied push away from OmniPresence as default file storage in the new iOS version, I was thinking this would be the time to follow an alternative. However I haven’t seen anything indicating a change in the sync capability with Dropbox…nor have I seen anything the recent documentation arguing against using Dropbox. iCloud Drive seems to work for syncing Outliner files, right? So is that my best bet? Or can I use Dropbox now?


OK, but still wondering what problem you are trying to fix. What about OmniPresence does not work or how will your life be better if you stop using it?


Ah, I see what you are getting at. Well, for one thing it’s annoying to have 3 sync services to pay attention to! I’d like to simplify, first and foremost. I’ve also run into many problems with keeping OmniPresence working properly because of some weird admin account stuff with my work computer. Routine password change problems with my computer have often killed the sync with OmniPresence. So, basically it is simplicity and consolidation.


Humm. I don’t tend to pay much attention to the many sync services I have running. Perhaps I should, but I have no indication of problems. And OmniPresence is one of those that just works–based on admittedly anecdotal observation that Omnifocus stuff is correctly synced on all four of my devices with no intervention on my part.

Without knowing more and this without any basis other than the information you provide, the “problem” might be how OmniPresence is setup on your work computer perhaps running with admin ID. Maybe re-install and run under your own account.

I just believe, and this backed up by OmniFocus documentation that putting your Omnifocus files on Dropbox can only lead to yet more problems in your life. Life’s too short to make problems for yourself.