Moving an existing task to Inbox

I have created a folder called “Someday/Maybe” that contains projects like “Books to Read”, etc.

When I drag a task from one of these projects and drop it on the Inbox sidebar, it gets placed in a single action list called Miscellaneous and not in my Inbox.

I already have “Next Actions” single action lists in each of my other folders which represent my Areas of Focus.

Should I be able to do this? Inbox is where all non processed items should begin when they become active in my mind…

I’m not seeing this behavior. Are you sure you’re dropping it precisely on the Inbox icon?

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Do you have “clean up actions when…” set in the preferences to both a project and a context or just a context?

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I figured it out.

I had a project called “Books to Read” that was on hold and had a Context of “Someday/Maybe”. All the tasks in jot (each one a book) were Active with a Context of “SomeDay/Maybe”.

I guess moving it to Inbox with a Context caused it to move immediately out, even without automatic cleanup set (which it isn’t). Since it had no Project, OF created a Single Action List one called Miscellaneous and placed it there.

Deleting the Context from the “Books to Read” Context and all the tasks gives me the expected behavior.


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Is that a special/advance build @KyleS? I don’t see a setting to make due/due soon counters appear next to contexts, and this seems like it would be useful.

Is there a setting I’m missing, or do I be patient? Or have I been unset form getting test builds?



Nope, it’s the most recent public release of OmniFocus 2.0.2.

The checkbox to enable counts in the sidebar is on the Notifications tab of Preferences.


Schooled, thanks! :)

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