Moving arrowhead to middle of line?

Hi - wondering if there is a way to move an arrowhead to the middle of a connecting line, rather than having it at the end. As it is, if you have multiple arrowheads all joining a magnet from different angles, you end up with a very untidy mess where they meet.

Short of connecting two lines together, I have not found a way to do this - anybody?


A slightly-kludgy method is to use a filled horizontal triangle glyph as a line label. Look for one in the system Character Viewer under Bullets and Stars. Set the label to have no fill and choose Parallel alignment in the Geometry pane of OG’s Object inspector. You can use the sliders there to position the triangle on the line.

One problem with this method is that the arrow will flip direction as you rotate the line around an endpoint. You might have to change the glyph to an opposite-facing triangle once your lines are arranged. An alternative is to start with two opposing triangles as the label and then delete the one you don’t want when you’ve got the line pointing where you want it.

(To see the Character Viewer select “Show keyboard and character viewers in menubar” in the Keyboard System Preference.)

thanks - will definitely try this out.

a shame there is not just a position slider for arrows though

Another possibility: create a line segment using the line tool, terminate the line around where you want the arrow, add a new line from the termination to the object’s magnet. Turn on the desired arrow for the first segment. If the segments allow connections from lines, they will be linked at the termination point, move the termination to the desired location.

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