Moving files in the resource browser

Okay, so this might be in the wrong thread… but I just got started with OO today on the Mac and found myself confused after installing Omnipresence. I made an Omnipresence folder and tried to move a document into it. (recommended by the manual)

I couldn’t find a way on the Resource Browser. I opened Finder and moved the document by hand and found the Resource Browser didn’t update to show me the move to the newly linked Omnipresence folder. It still showed it in the Documents folder. I noticed that wherever I put the file, OO seemed to know where it was in Finder (somehow it knew this even if I moved the file when it was closed!) but I couldn’t get it to show in the linked Omnipresence folder no matter how hard I tried.

Can anyone help me understand what the heck is going on? Surely organising files can’t be this confusing…

Omni seem really jazzed by the Resource Browser, but I hate it. I always find myself totally confused about what it is. Is it a file browser? Is it a template repository? Is it a theme styler?

Whenever it appears, I lose my flow. I hate it and wish they would rethink their whole approach to file management and syncing.


Yeah, it’s very weird. I just noticed that Documents is under ‘recents’. So… that makes sense if I’ve opened a document recently (except how it knew where I’d moved it to). But, I still don’t understand why there’s nothing in my linked Omnipresence folder when a file is clearly in that location in Finder. (it also shows in the iOS apps)

I think you have to click that little chain link icon at the bottom of the library, and then link the OmniPresence folder to the Resource Browser.

Yeah… done that. Nothing shows.

EDIT: I mean the linked folder is empty.

Sorry for the confusion. The resource browser was not designed to be a replacement for Finder use or the Open panel. The reason you don’t see your documents under the OmniPresence folder is because it only shows templates. The Recents group does show all recent files, but the group below, as the name implies, only shows templates. And that’s where linked OmniPresence folders appear. The ability to link OmniPresence folders to the resource browser was added so you could create new outlines from synced templates just as easily as using local templates.

The intent of the resource browser is to be a template picker and also to give you easy access to resources saved inside the application’s container which is difficult to locate through Finder. For OmniGraffle this also means easy access to stencils in your container.

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Well… that’s definitely not what I was expecting you to say.

Something is wrong - either the name ‘resource browser’, the section names in the resource browser, or the docs for OmniOutliner. Whatever it is (or all three!) it definitely isn’t obvious! One to simplify… or clarify…

Actually I know what it is that makes it so confusing… it’s that it’s totally different from what’s on iOS. But it looks the same. The two have a lot in common when browsing and opening files, but then the Mac version is completely different in a very non-standard way. It’s just a recipe for confusion.

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I agree with the comments here. Both OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle icons sit in my dock but if I click them I only get the resource browser. To get access to the open or recent files I need to control-click. This seems the wrong way around as it is only rarely I need to set up a new template - mostly I am trying to navigate to existing files. I now tend to go into Finder and the OmniPresence folder to find a file and ignore the icon. A more intuitive way bot working would be better.