Moving Items From Inbox To Project Folder

Omnifocus 2 on Mac
I followed all the advice and dumped everything in the inbox
Set up project folders - Work, Personal, etc
Set up sub folders within Work, etc
Now I can’t find an easy way to get inbox items to folders, other than cut and paste
Surely that can’t be right, if I’m to wander round noting items in the inbox, there must be a drag and drop way to categories them later?
What have I missed please?

The latest version of OF2 allows drag and drop from the inbox. You need to have your contexts set correctly and hey presto drag and drop heaven!

I did a large brain dump into the inbox using my OF iphone app (version 2.21.4) and when I go back in an item to move it to the project i’d like to move it to, it stays in the inbox. When I look at the info tab of the item, it show the project I want the item to be in, but it doesn’t move the item from the inbox into that particular project folder.

Am I doing something incorrect?

Sorry, I’m not sure I follow you properly? The option to have the inbox showing in projects perspective is only available on the mac app version of OF2 & OF3.
Items in the inbox on iphone should move from the inbox when you have selected the requisite project folder, and depending on your settings may require a context (tags now) as well. If something is refusing to move from inbox it must be due to your particular settings I think?

Ok, I got the items to move from my inbox to the project folder after assigning both the requisite project AND context. Sheesh… seems a little overkill to have to go back and change both the project and context just to get it out of my inbox.

Project should be enough. The view is updated when you leave the inbox. You could also drag selected tasks to the desired project using one finger to drag and another to navigate in the hierarchy (could be a bit tricky).

This is a setting which can be changed in preferences, a project, a context/tag, or both are the options for clearing the item.


And even cleaning up immediately or when leaving the view. Thanks for reminding me.

I’m using Omni Focus exclusively on my iPhone, and I don’t see that option to clean up in the settings.
The only way I can get an item out of my inbox and into a particular project is if I choose the project and assign it a context.
Choosing a project alone does not move out of the inbox.

If you are on the iPhone. Pull down on the screen by swiping from top to bottom. This will do a cleanup.

On the OF home screen: tap the gearwheel to reach the settings, then tap Clean Up and choose the settings you prefer.

This is the answer I needed, thanks!

Rosemary: You are a life saver! Your post resolved my issue! Thank you!