Moving items in the outliner is frustrating

i know I should probably do this with the keyboard instead, but I find reordering outlines in OmniFocus with the mouse really frustrating. I just gave up moving an item towards the bottom because I can’t get those little blue markers to align correctly. Instead I moved it up and then moved other items above it.

This is what I was trying to do:

  • Foo
  • Cheese
  • Bar
  • Lala
  • Yay Yay

And I wanted to move Cheese to the end of the list at the same level as Foo and Bar.


What about a little bit of automation? If you had two icons on your toolbar to Move to Top/Bottom, would that help? Take a look at this clever solution by @ptone on the old OF forum. It might be just what you’re looking for.

In any case, learning Keyboard Commands (check Help menu) is really a good thing to consider.

I have the same issue, moving to the end via mouse used to be tricky, now it always seems to break out of the hierarchy and form a top level item. Yet another thing that needs tweaking in 2.

Move “Cheese” to right above “Yay Yay”, and then move “Yay Yay” to above “cheese”.

This is what I do in many programs (OO, Keynote, Aperture), when I can’t get something to go to the first or last item in a hierachy.

(In OF though I always use the key commands: Cmd-Opt-Arrow I think.)

I have found that mousing left to right affects/directs the hierarchy in which something will land. So drag to the vertical position you want it in, then move left or right to decide what the parent of that item will be.

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@deturbulence thanks for that, it seems to work in my limited testing if I go halfway across the column above.

@awlogan It’s a funny little thing that I thought was a bug/inconsistent behaviour at first. Now it feels nice and natural. Go figure.

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I had the same issues in OmniFocus 1. Since then I learned the keyboard shortcuts to move tasks around and I have to admit that it’s a lot faster: ^++ to move a task down in a list (on the same level).

@JeroenSangers Agreed, but with ^, not ;-)

I also use a variation of this Keyboard Maestro palette, published on the blog Rocket Ink, which gives me the ability to have keystrokes to directly move selected tasks to Top or Bottom of a list.

Like Patrick, the author, I use the following:

  • ^⌘↑: move selected task(s) Up
  • ^⌘↓: move selected task(s) Down
  • ^`,: move selected task(s) to Top
  • ^`,: move selected task(s) to Bottom

Oops! Thanks for commenting my mistake. Just in case I have edited the original comment with the correct shortcut keys.

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And that’s why we drag things :)

Well… ⌘ + ⌫

One day I’ll get more of them :)

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