Moving Projects in Project View

How does one move items up and down the list of projects in Project view? I’ve tried dragging, but the items don’t stay where they are dragged to. Based on the on screen highlighting of the location when I drag the item around, I think that drag/drop should work, so maybe this is a bug. Also, the Organize/Move Up and Move Down commands don’t seem to work on items in the project list. (They do, however, work on tasks within the projects.)

Are you dragging them in the sidebar project list or in the main window?

They might not be dragable in the main window because they are sorted (or maybe those are never dragable, I don’t remember).

It looks like I’m in the sidebar project list.

I actually joined these forums to search for the answer to this question. Same challenge, when I try to reorder projects I consistently have inconsistent behavior. Dragging sometimes works, but more often than not it does not move the project -or- the project ends up becoming a child of the project I am trying to drag it underneath. For instance, my projects all begin with the acronym for the account I am working with. An example would be;
“Omnigroup: Email Ken Case to ask about alphabetizing Project View”
“Culture Code: See about a script to migrate Things DB to OF 2”
I typically will end up with more than one project for each account so it gets messy for me if I can’t reorder them. I also tried the Organize/Move Up & Move Down options, but that only moved my cursor up and down which seems far from what is intended.
I would love simple and easy way to sort projects in the Project view, or any other view for that matter.

I will add this to the Feature Enhancement list, but I just wonder of there is something I am missing. Thanks!

Just installed the latest build;
Product: OmniFocus-2
Date: 2014-04-16 17:49:12 -0700
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 207806

Organize/Move Up - Down now works, and drag and drop is much more consistent. Wonder if anyone else is seeing the same on the newest build?

It works a bit better now in that items can be moved and stay where they are dropped. The indicator of what is going to happen still doesn’t quite work, however. For example, the line indicating where an item is to be dropped does not always appear, and when it does, it looks like the item will be indented instead of at the intended level.

I know this is an old topic but I am having the same problem in OmniFocus 2.1.2 — April 13, 2015
In project view I am not able to move one project to a higher position inside a folder. If I try to use the keyboard shortcut I get the message: Could not move items No items were valid for the move operation. If I try to move it by dragging it, it either nests it inside another project or it snaps back to the original position. Is anyone else having this problem?

I figured it out, in the View you have to select the check box view folders. This is not intuitive. Logical moves will not work unless folders are visible.

Thanks you for taking the time to post the fix – I now understand why I couldn’t drag & drop the order! Once I changed the view options I can drag & drop as I wish! Very unintuitive.