Moving Task back to Inbox

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to move a Task back to the Inbox. Manually in the app I would remove the project and context, so I tried this via a script, but I cannot figure out how to either remove the project attribute of a task a re-assign the Inbox project ( if that exists? ) to a task.

Any help is highly appreciated!

BTW I’m using Javascript, not AppleScipt.

Thanks in advance

How do you do that in the app ?

Tasks in OmniFocus have an .inInbox read-only property. So, I think it’s not currently possible to move a task back to the Inbox.

FWIW, I use this script to duplicate tasks to the Inbox (it only preserves .name property).

// unlocked2412
// Using some of drafts8 wonderful JS - Prelude functions

(() => {
    'use strict';

    // jxaMain :: IO ()
    const jxaMain = () => {

        // main :: IO ()
        const main = () => {
                sa = standardAdditions(),
                lrTasks = ofSelectionLR();
            return isLeft(lrTasks) ? (
                ) : lrTasks
                .map(x =>

        // GENERICS
        // JS - Apps

        // ofNewInboxTask :: Name String -> OF Task
        const ofNewInboxTask = strName => {
            const of = Application('OmniFocus'),
                doc = of.defaultDocument,
                dctTask = {
                    name: strName
                oTask = of.InboxTask(dctTask);
            return doc.inboxTasks.push(oTask)

        // ofSelectionLR :: () -> Either [OF Task]
        const ofSelectionLR = () => {
                appOF = Application('OmniFocus'),
                ds = appOF.documents;

            return bindLR(

                    // Documents ?
                    ds.length > 0 ? (
                    ) : Left('no docs'),

                    // Windows ?
                    ws => ws.length > 0 ? (
                    ) : Left('no windows')

                // Selection ?
                seln => seln.length > 0 ? (
                ) : Left('no selection')

        // JS - Automation

        // standardAdditions :: () -> Application
        const standardAdditions = () =>
            Object.assign(Application.currentApplication(), {
                includeStandardAdditions: true

        // JS - Prelude

        // Left :: a -> Either a b
        const Left = x => ({
            type: 'Either',
            Left: x

        // Right :: b -> Either a b
        const Right = x => ({
            type: 'Either',
            Right: x

        // bindLR (>>=) :: Either a -> (a -> Either b) -> Either b
        const bindLR = (m, mf) =>
            m.Right !== undefined ? (
            ) : m;

        // isLeft :: Either a b -> Bool
        const isLeft = lr =>
            lr.type === 'Either' && lr.Left !== undefined;

        // MAIN
        return main()

    return jxaMain();

The Inbox technically isn’t a “project.” But I have to ask “why put it back in the inbox?”

Maybe put it in a temporary holding project called “Black Hole”. The Black Hole will contain all the items that you are not sure about. It’s a temporary holding area for you. When you are ready to review, visit the Black Hole project and re-assign when you’re ready.

I use the inbox to temporarily catch any new tasks. When I go to the inbox, I purge everything. Every item has a place in your life. If it doesn’t have a place in your life, why bother?

How do you do that in the app ?

  • select the Task
  • open the Inspector
  • select project and press delete key
  • select context and press delete key

That puts the task back in the inbox.

But I have to ask “why put it back in the inbox?”

I often have tasks in agenda lists that after talking to the person need new clarification whether it became a action for me or simply some reference material. My workflow today is that I move those items back to the Inbox. I usually clean up my agenda lists during the weekly review, but if I don’t want to wait till then to clarify it again I move them back since I empty this daily. Creating a dedicated project for that wouldn’t help me necessarily as I’d like to go to just one place for my daily processing which is already the OF Inbox

FWIW, I use this script to duplicate tasks to the Inbox (it only preserves .name property).

Thanks! That might be helpful. I’ll tinker with it if I can preserve more attributes than just the name.

Thanks again for you help!

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@unlocked2412 Thanks for the script and idea! Copying the task actually works for me.

Here the script in case somebody else is looking for something similar

var of = Application('OmniFocus');
var ofDoc = of.defaultDocument;

var w = ofDoc.documentWindows()[0];
var contentTree = w.content();
var selectedTrees = contentTree.selectedTrees();

for (var i = 0, len = selectedTrees.length; i < len; i++) {
  var task = selectedTrees[i].value();
  dctTask = {
	note: task.note(),
	creationDate: task.creationDate()
  var n = of.InboxTask(dctTask);