Moving to Mac - best place to buy?

Hey! I’m currently using a Windows computer and iPhone and will be going to a Mac in the near future and was wondering - where is the best place to buy a Mac? There’s a Currys not far from me according to this, but of course there are other options like the Apple store & possibly second hand off somewhere like eBay. Where did you buy your Mac, and would you buy from there again?

Have a great weekend all :)

Judging by “Curry’s” you’re in the UK. There are EU consumer laws which are related to which retailer you purchase from, regardless of what happens in a March those will be enshrined into UK law for at least some time - so the best place to buy it in my opinion is from the Apple Store! Then any problems and you just go there - and they can do hardware fixes too.


Hi - if you’re in the UK (seems you are), I strongly recommend either Apple themselves or John Lewis. Currys can be good, but they’re rammed this time of year and it’s hard tu get any help if you need it. Some of their delivery and support can be a bit unreliable occasionally, too)

If money’s tight, looks ash e Apple refurbished online store - this is where you get ex-display and the like for about 15% less, with full warranty.

Of course, wherever you but, you get the legal protection - in my 15-year experience of buying Apple, Apple themselves and John Lewis provide the simplest overall experience.

Oh - and I hope you enjoy the move from Windows to Apple as much as I have.

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Thank you both! I am in the UK, yes - I haven’t had a proper look into consumer law but with making a purchase this expensive I’ll definitely have to have a look. Buying new is definitely quite a lot more expensive, but I’d much rather have the peace of mind being able to go back to the retailer if something goes wrong. I think I’ll end up buying from John Lewis as their 3 year guarantee and additional accidental damage cover sounds like a great deal for £35.

Thanks again! I’m really starting to look forward to the new toys now! :)

Good luck - come back and ask if you’d like any more help.

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