Moving up and down in Projects View Not Working Properly

I’ll admit… i’m VERY confused with how to move things properly in this program.

When dragging with the mouse my projects do not always move where they should… i try and drag to the top and when i let go it moves about 3-4 items down from where i let go.

Now, after checking the forums i see that moving with the keyboard shortcuts is a more reliable way to do ti… however it still behaves erratically.

When i press Command-Ctrl-Up… my project will move up maybe two or three spots then stop… or jump around over three spots… but never up to the the top of the list where i’m trying to move it.

I’d assume it was some weird sorting issue - but i’m attempting this right in the Projects sidebar.

Not sure if it matters… but these are nested one level in a ‘Work’ folder

Shouldn’t i be able to select the project order myself? This is causing me to able to prioritize my folder structure at all.

My version is OmniFocus/2.4/GM-v103.8 using OS El Capitan 10.11.2 (15C50)

So… i found a workaround… but it is far from ideal. In order to get my item to move up farther than ‘move up’ allows… i select the items above it and ‘move down’ below the item in question.