MS Exchange Delegated Calendars

At work we use Microsoft Office with an Exchange/OWA server.

My personal Exchange calendar is my main calendar, and it works fine – It shows up in my Mac Calendar app, and I can choose it for display in Forecast View of OmniFocus.

Good so far…

But I’m also on some teams that have a non-entity calendar. All the team members, including myself, are delegates on this calendar – it also shows up on my Mac calendar app just fine after a little bit of setup.

But I don’t see a way to tag this delegated calendar for display in the Forecast view. Are there steps I can take to make this happen, or is it simply not supported?


I too would love to see this supported

I agree. This bug suggests a lack of understanding by Omni of how Outlook calendars are used by most businesses — which is disappointing.

I have ‘delegated’ calendars (Microsoft’s jargon) for all my team, making this Omnifocus feature unusable. Would be great to see Omni considering the needs and requirements of all users when designing a feature.

I hope Omni might focus more on fixing annoying stuff like this.

I just came across this issue when I realized that the delegated Google calendars were not showing up in OF forecast view even though Apple Calendar (macOS) does display those calendars correctly. I’d really like to see this fixed in OF.

I gave up on it a long time ago. But now with Office 365 and Teams, the whole calendar situation on Office is different than when I originally posted. I’ll have to look into trying OF with these new team calendars.

As an aside, I discovered the fix for the GCal delegated calendar not showing up in OF. Turns out Google has some non-obvious sync settings for delegated calendars here: . In that settings panel I selected the missing calendar and it then showed up in OF forecast view (and my iOS calendar app as well).

I’m in a similar Microsoft shop work environment and use the web app where calendars do not show at all in the Forecast perspective. I know, not related to the OP’s issue but it made me think of it