Multi-Coloured Flags?


this morning I had an Idea. Now that we have multiple Tags implemented, how about implementing Multi Colored Flags?! Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc. Of course (!) I could to the same with tags, but that is leading me to the question why do we have flags then at all?
I would be also interested in how your workflow with flags is now with OF3. Has it changed? Do you even use it?
Thank you !

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I use flags to denote a higher level of strategic value/importance. I don’t know that I’d use coloured flags myself, but I can understand why they’d be appealing for different workflows. I know coloured tags is an open request from some users, too.



Hi thank you for your answer. Multicoloured flags could be used similarly to contexts, just that it is flags. With tags being multiple but flags not being multiple I don’t see a logic in that.

E.g. you could use different flags for values (highly important, less important) or anxiety levels.

Interesting! Make sure to email in your feature requests for Omni attention 😁


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I did, I hope others will do it as well :)


I difn’t move to OF3 so far but agree with tpu that the flag was conceptually a tag, and now we have multiple tags. Only that a flag is a special tag you may use for something special since ot has special perspectives built in.

For the same reason I wouldn’t expand the ise of flags, I’d rather add colors to tags for visual clues.

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My own view is that this is mixing the functions of tags (many possible) and the fall (only one). There’s discussion in other threads and in the Omni Slack groups about how people might use the flag with tags.

If we have multi-coloured flags, then it adds complexity to the workflow - in each case, I have to ask whether I want a flag or a tag or both and if I want a flag what colour it should be or whether I want a new colour. It’s easy for tags to run out of control (people with experience of Things and 2Do have seen this) - multi tags and flags increases the risk.

I tag my tasks to group and present them. I use the flag as a one-off for special cases.

That said, I’m not going to object if Omni take up your suggestion, provided I have the choice not to use it. But I don’t support it

While a good idea I already have this done with tags.

I have tags to denote:

  • Type (work / personal)
  • time (Morning/ day/ any, etc)
  • importance (flags as you mentioned which lets me easily pick a higher priority item based on location)

And I do not use star / flag anymore after this

Nice to see that others have this request as well.

My main reason to upgrade to OF3 were tags; so, flags became another kind of tag on their own. We could easily make a tag for «flagged» items, but it’s weird that by clicking on Flagged we see the same list that in Tags.

I think that adding coloured flags is a good opportunity to add some concept of priority to OF.
This is the same workflow that I use in Gmail and it works pretty well. Tags for context and Flags for priority :

I know that we already can add another tag for priority (as I’m currently doing) but, coloured flags add that extra nuance of visual priority without being tied to a date. Otherwise, flags are kind of just floating around.

What do you think?


I think that flags have to be rethinked with/after OF3. They kind of became wizzy.