Multi Level Filtering

Hi everyone, in GTD in other systems I would traditionally filter by context, time, and energy. In omnifocus you can set persepctives but cannot dynamically pick from the 3. So lets say I am at my computer with low energy and 30 minutes. But I get motivated and want to pick it up to high energy.

How can I do this filtering without a ton of perspectives?

The OF UI isn’t designed for on-the-fly filtering on multiple criteria. You can approximate it by creating a perspective dedicated to it, which you know you will be changing all the time. In OF3 for both macOS and iOS, the criteria of a perspective can be accessed in one click. Either create an ‘All’ group containing 3 tag rules (but you will need to type or navigate to the right tag for each), or, if you don’t have too many tags across all 3 dimensions, create separate rules for each of them which you will then toggle on and off.

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Yea this is what I have learned. I love everything about OF so much better than Nirvana. But this is the one thing Nirvana handles much better