Multi-select tasks and copy contents to clipboard

My life is in OF and Evernote. I’m finding myself keeping notes for tasks in OF for history on that task, but sometimes I review a collection of different tasks in a meeting and want to copy the contents of the task to my Evernote as meeting minutes. I’ve built an AppleScript that copies the name and note of every selected task in view to the clipboard. My question is how do I get other related info like project name or context? I can hack my way through most scripting, but my unfamiliarity with AppleScript has me stumped and hours of Googling has produced just the below. What I’m looking to put on the clipboard is something like:

[Project Name]. [Task Name]. [Context]. [Task Notes].
Widget Project. Get pricing details. @Sally. I talked to Nancy, who said talk to Sally but Sally is on vacation so I’ll follow up next week.

Any help is appreciated. AppleScript below. Thanks!

tell application “OmniFocus”
tell front window
set my_sel to selected trees of content
set strClip to “”
set NumLoop to 0
repeat with my_tree in my_sel
set NumLoop to NumLoop + 1
set my_selection to value of item NumLoop of my_sel
set task_name to get name of my_selection
set a_note to get note of my_selection
set strClip to strClip & task_name & return & a_note & return & return
end repeat
set the clipboard to strClip as text
do shell script “pbpaste | pbcopy”
end tell
end tell