Multiple action - make it a single action item

I have an item, for example “move furniture” and had multiple action items underneath it; Now I realized that move furniture can be a single action item and there’s no action item underneath it but it’s still showing the > sign in front of it. How can I make it a single action item again? Thanks.

The easiest way would probably be to just delete and re-create the action.

But as to why this happened, it could be a bug, but it sounds as though you marked the sub-actions as complete rather than deleting them. This would remove them from view but maintain the action group (with the triangle).

If this were the case and you wanted to convert it back, you’d need to first change the view settings to show all actions (View menu [the eye icon], “In Projects show: All). Then the original actions should show up and you can delete them. Once deleted, the action group will turn back to a single action.