Multiple context locations?

Is thre a way by which I can assign multiple locations to a single context? For instance, for my Safeway context I’d like to put the addresses of all the safeways in my area in that context. If not, please consider a feature request

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Requests to be able to assign multiple contexts have a long history in the OF forums. I am certain therefore that a wide range of suggestions exist to demonstrate ways for you to accomplish your need, currently through “workarounds”. At the risk of avoiding folks needing to repeat those here again, I suggest that you search these forums thoroughly.

Also, AFAIK, the need to allow users to set multiple contexts or “tags” has since been acknowledged by OmniGroup (after a spell of denying it … long history as I said). So, don’t give up hope that something could be in the works.


I’m now wondering if assigning a context which has multiple location sub contexts will trigger an alert when you get to one of the sub contexts. I’m doubting it, but for testing purposes I’ve set up a test context and subcontexts with several tasks assigned to both the main context and the sub contexts (so I can see when I should get more than one alert), and will do some testing whilst out today.

On iOS, OmniFocus contexts can have a “search” location. This way, you could make one context called “Safeway” that searches the for nearby locations for use in the Nearby perspective.

I don’t know if that helps, but I find it fun.


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This is exactly what I was wondering. Now that @kcase blogged about this year’s roadmap including multiple tags, I hope multiple locations per-context will be something they could possibly implement