Multiple Cube Alignment?

Hey all, so I am familiar with the alignment inspector, and maybe I am missing something here but I want to be able to align the cubes in this first screenshot so the end-result would be something like the 2nd screenshot.

I want this:

to become this:

The stuff I see on the inspector makes it go in a vertical, horizontal, or circle pattern.

Using the distribute portion of the Alignment inspector in the Object inspector is your best bet to help get evenly spaced graphics. The buttons look like this: Alignment You will need to get the items lined up once, either into a row or a column, using the alignment options, and then distribute them using Offset Horizontally with Horizontal Spacing and/or Offset Vertically with Vertical Spacing to get evenly distributed graphics.

To change the size and fill/shadow attributes, set up one cube with the desirable attributes, and control + click to Copy Object Style. Select the rest of the cubes and control + click to Paste Object Style.