Multiple files on iPad after syncing

I’m using OmniPresence. When I make changes on my Mac sometimes those changes sync to the same document on my iPad. Other times I’m finding the changes made on the Mac did not sync to the same document on the iPad.

I click on the OmniPresence symbol to trigger a synch and still no sync. So I clicked on the “Documents” button (top right on iPad) and what do I find? Multiple documents with the same name - subtitled “from MacBook Pro” all with different time stamps.

What good is this? I don’t want to be in a meeting and have to figure which of the (currently 4 showing) documents has my update notes. and I don’t want to have to delete the ones I don’t need for fear I will add new entries to the wrong document on iPad.

Wanted to add to my comments above. I just noticed on my iPad that the header at the top of the page (document title) shows “conflict 3 from MacBook-Pro”

Adding to this: how would one compare and merge conflicting files?

This seems to be an issue with OO’s auto-save. When you edit your file on the Mac version, it gets saved as “edited”, but this doesn’t fly with the iOS version, so it saves the original and the edited versions.

When you’re sure that you have the right version, simply delete the other one(s), OmniPresence will take care of it and rename it back to its original name (in my experience).

I have a Keyboard Maestro makro that activates when OmniOutliner is active and saves the file every minute. Havent’t had trouble since then.

Tried to sync some files today with them open on iPhone and mac at same time. Every time I had a sync issue. This is not acceptable in this era. I was updating by adding a new line of text. Something I would have thought omnioutliner could handle.

It’s a shame the promise of this app is lost in this sync nightmare.