Multiple problems with ipadOS and Logitech keyboard on iPad Pro

Multiple problems with ipadOS and Logitech keyboard on iPad Pro.
Omnioutliner version 3.4.4 Pro.
First of all the keyboard shortcuts do not work.
Most of the time it is impossible to navigate the document with the scroll keys. At first, it seems to work but after a moment it stops.
Example: As soon as you open the document it is possible to navigate through it, but the moment I focus on the sidebar on some part of the document then the navigation by keys stops working.
Even sometimes the icon to hide the sidebar stops working. Then I have to close the document and reopen it.
The moment I focus on something, it stops working again.
In general, I find the product quite poorly polished to be such an expensive product.
To be a company that was supposed to be so close to Apple, I find that its products (OmniFocus, Omnioutliner, etc.) leave much to be desired in ios. At least for the price they have.
Does anyone have the same problems or think like me?
Thanks and best regards.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I don’t believe anyone has reported this before. You can reactivate keyboard shortcuts after focusing by either tapping into a row to start editing it, or by tapping on the handle of a row (the triangle or circle control on the left side). Also, if you use the keyboard command for focusing (cmd-shift-f) you won’t encounter this bug. We’ll look at getting this fixed soon. It won’t be the next release as that is already in the release process.

If you have anymore details about the sidebar icon not responding we would very much like to hear about it.

I have a similar experience with an iPad Pro and Apple’s Smart Keyboard. If I focus on a section from the sidebar I “lose” the keyboard meaning none of the keys work anymore. If I close the outline then reopen it’s still focused and the keyboard works.

But if I focus without the sidebar press and simply use the key combination to focus the keyboard still works.

Happens every time …