Multiple projects on hold by one single action

Hey everyone,

I am currently managing several non-related projects in Omnifocus, each of which has unexpectedly encountered one common obstacle. This obstacle must be solved (or waited on) before I can continue those projects. My challenge is to find an efficient way to reflect this dependency in Omnifocus, without altering the individual project hierarchies or manually putting each project on hold.

Here’s what I am aiming for:

  • A single task, upon completion, should trigger the availability of actions in these multiple projects.
  • I want to maintain the integrity of each project’s structure, meaning I do not wish to combine them into one project as Action Groups or add individual holding tasks to each project.

In essence, I’m looking for a way to link these projects to one ‘master’ action. When this master action is completed, it should automatically make the actions within the individual projects available for execution.

I don’t think this is possible in Omnifocus, so I am turning to the experts.


This might be a plug-in that could possibly do what you ask.

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Could it in some way work to use a pauser tag here? I use that sometimes with fx a pauses tag called «Waiting for person A to return from vacation».

I suggest the same solution to your problem as Kajh.
Assigning a task to multiple projects does not work in Omnifocus. That would be the prerequisite for your approach.
However, it is possible to use tags for the desired function. It is necessary that the projects have a sequential status.
Assign a special “master” action tag “Stop until problem XYZ is solved” to certain tasks. The tag must have the status “on hold”. The task and subsequent ones are no longer visible if your own perspective is configured accordingly. When you receive the information that things can be continued, delete this special tag. All subsequent tasks are visible again.