Multiple tags may cause too many perspectives

For example, I have 3 tags for location: Home, Office, Outdoor.

And I have another 3 tags for time: Focus Time, Leisure Time, Fragmentary Time.

Then there will be total 9 (3*3) combinations of location and time. Shall I create 9 perspectives for them?

I think there should be a quick filter with multiple tags, I just need to select several tags, and the actions with those tags will show up. Also need url scheme for this, such as omnifocus:///tags/Home,Focus%20Time

Email omni support with the request (which, I suspect) has been made by others) so that it can be added to their development list

Make perspectives for what you will use. If you would use all those combinations, then maybe you should make them all.

Another option is three simple perspectives: Home, Office, Outdoor. If you can set them to group by tag, you could collapse the areas you’re not interested in seeing.

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