Multiple windows save across sessions

I have four windows open on the screen, seeing what I need for the day, goals, upcoming…

When I shut down omnifocus on my mac and reopen, those four windows do not open up again.

Is there a way to have omnifocus save the configuration of the four windows and have them open across sessions?


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I’ve used Keyboard Maestro to automate this. It opens a new window and changes to a different perspective. Then it resized the windows to fit my screen.

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Just here to echo @wilsonng’s suggestion. :-)


I second that feature request.

Also for tabs, not only separate windows. It would be nice if the current view was persistent across sessions.


I have fired up Keyboard Maestro and am working on the fine tuning and learning curve. :)

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I also hope that this feature will be added to OmniFocus. I prefer to work with two OmniFocus windows open.

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