My file disappeared after a crash

An outline I was working on crashed and then, when I reopened Omnioutliner the file was no longer there. I remember saving the file. I had been working on it for a while. I had in the meantime closed Omnioutliner and turned off my computer without experiencing anything unusual. The file is nowhere to be found. Not in the list of recent documents. Not in the folder I keep my files in. Any idea what could have happened? More importantly, does anyone have any idea how I might be able to recover this file? This is the sort of nightmare scenario one fears when they commit to doing their work using a particular program. I would really hate to start from scratch again.

If you use Time Machine, you can go back and open a recent version.

Or, in OmniOutliner’s File Menu, try the “Revert to” option.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I do not use Time Machine and the revert to option isn’t available because the file simply isn’t there. I cannot open any version of it. Or even find any version of it for that matter. It’s all rather surreal, actually.