My ideal "someday/maybe"-perspective doesn't work as expected :-(


I’m using OmniFocus Pro Version 3.15.4 (v151.35.43) on a Mac Studio (Mac13,1 - 2022 - Apple M1 Max - 64 GB RAM) running macOS Ventura Version 13.6.1.

I have a question re a custom perspective.

This custom perspective with the creative title “Someday/Maybe - List” 😉 should show

  1. tasks from the Inbox with the tag “someday/maybe
  2. the project-names and tasks from stalled/inactive projects, where the projects itself have the tag “someday/maybe

However as it is today it only shows me

  • tasks from the Inbox with the tag “someday/maybe
  • only the project-names (and not also their tasks) of the stalled/inactive projects with the tag “someday/maybe

so it fails my second goal above 😒.

Do you have any idea how could I change the perspective in order to also have the tasks of the stalled/inactive “someday/maybe”-projects listed?



I don’t believe this is currently possible with a tag.

However one way to do this is to use a search (i.e. ‘matches search terms’). So instead of tagging the project with ‘Someday/Maybe’ you can add something to the name or the note of the project (I am personally partial to emojis…) and that will return both the project and the tasks.

Thanks for the idea kaitlin!

But then I tend to rather tag all the tasks from the stalled / inactive “someday/maybe”-projects with the tag “someday/maybe”… redundant, I know, but it works (this is what I had bevor)